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The Great Fishing Expedition of July 28, 2007
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Such a beautiful morning here in the Northwest. Once again I set out in pursuit of the big trout, or any trout, or any other fish or some days...maybe even just snagging a big stick. I'm headed to the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River. I've only recently discovered just how therapeutic standing in the gently running waters of the Middle Fork can be.

As the Middle Fork Road, so appropriately named, begins to nuzzle against the river, the Department of Fish and Wildlife provides a gentle reminder that special fishing rules are in effect in this area. Meaning...catch and release only. No problem there since I don't much like fish. No live bait...if you're packin' worms, better get rid of 'em right now! Single barbless hooks only...not a bad idea. You'll really appreciate this rule when you hook your own ear! And oh yeah, be sure to check in the "book" for any other special rules not mentioned.

As I get my first glimpse of the Middle Fork, I remind myself once again of my formula for an absolutely perfect fishing expedition each and every time. It's really so simple. Want to hear it? Well...I'll tell you anyway.

The recipe calls for only two ingredients: 1) One part HIGH HOPES, 2) Two parts LOW EXPECTATIONS!

Don't believe it you say? Too simple? Give it a try and you too will become a believer.

The farther you go, the better the view. It's almost 8:00am when this photo was taken and you can get just a hint of the somewhat gray sky with those low hanging clouds.

Hey, don't be looking at the sky anyway. We're going for the water!

Ah, yes. The water.

Now forget what I just said and take another look at that sky. It's clearing quickly and brings the hope of one beautiful Saturday. After all that fall and winter gray, around here we feel entitled to a few beautiful Saturdays, once the 4th of July is out of the way.

Got rock?

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