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The Great Fishing Expedition of July 28, 2007
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Hey! Would I lie to you? I'm telling you, it just gets better...

And better...

Oh, this is better too. Although it may be a little difficult to tell.

Let's see now...why did I take this pic? Oh yeah. Look closely and you may be able to spot a couple of camper tents in the sandy area up away from the river bank. Great campsight and good fishing right there in the bend of the river.

At last I have finally reached my target destination. What a trip. Total travel time is, oh about 40 minutes now. And that includes my run through Starbucks for my Venti Sugar Free Vanilla Latte! That's one of the nicer things about our location. Very convenient to a number of nice lakes and river access points.

There's a bridge crossing the river at this location and this photo was taken from the bridge, facing...uh...uh...uh...up the river! Well, I guess it's to the Northwest since the other picture is down the river, it's morning, and I can see the sun!

Now how's that for a view.

Eat yer heart out!

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