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The Great Fishing Expedition of July 28, 2007
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Okay, well I'm out of my truck and in to my waders and down in the water.

Here's a shot up stream. You can see the bridge where the earlier photos were taken.

This water is beautiful. Gently flowing and as clear as alcohol! The water is provided by the snow melt coming down from the Cascade Mountains. It has been purified as it flows over and around rock after rock after rock after rock after...    well, you get it. You'd have no hesitation in filling your water bottle from right here.

Water temperature this morning is running right at 60 degrees. The river slopes very gently and is only about waist deep almost to the middle. I'm not going to try to walk to the other side, however. There are lots of big rocks in the river bed and even with felt sole boots, it's a little like walking on greased bowling balls in some places. Big rocks notwithstanding, it's a perfect day for the angler.

But wait...there's something else. Something's missing here. What could...oh yea. Fish! Where are the fish? It's almost 9:30 now and the fish haven't shown up. Somebody always drops the ball and doesn't get the word out!

Having gained no respect whatsoever on the Middle Fork, I take one final look down stream, just to see if any last minute fish are showing up, and decide to head to another one of my favorite waters. The main part of the Snoqualmie River in Fall City.

A few shots as I'm following the Middle Fork Road back to Interstate 90.

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